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Orselis and Julio, the owners are from Venezuela. They recently bought this amazing and unique fusion of Venezuelan and Lebanese cuisine in September 2020.


Orselis is a lawyer and her husband is an engineer from Venezuela. They have 2 beautiful kids an older daughter and a son. Although Orselis had a professional career as a lawyer she used to cook daily only as a hobby and was an expert hosting event for friends and family. People loved her food so much that they kept asking her to share her gift as a cook with others.


Finally, when Orselis and Julio moved to the US in 2018 looking for new horizons they knew it was time to follow that advice. In 2020 Orselis found out about Are Pitas and knew it was her chance, cooking was her passion and dreamed to have her own restaurant so even though it was a year of struggles with everything going on she still pushed herself to pursue her dream.  


Orselis and Julio are now owners of Are-Pitas and committed to providing their customers excellent service and a unique experience of home-made flavors always looking for new delicious flavors to add to their menu.


Meet Are Pitas's owner:

Orselis Vasquez and her family

Family Restaurant
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